Goods & Service Tax

GST has subsumed most of the indirect taxs and has brought a drastic change in which people will do business in future.

While the aim of government is to simplify the tax compliance in longer run, business are feeling the transitional pressure because of the issues with implementation.

At Ajay A Goel & co., our team of professionals, provide step to by step guidance to our clients to achieve tax efficient and regulatory compliant structure

GST Registration and Compliance Support

Any person willing to get involved in a commercial activity is surrounded by questions regarding indirect tax registration & compliances. At Ajay A Goel & Co., our team of experts guides you in the process of registration after evaluating exemptions, categories of registration.

Post registration we guide our clients in meeting all necessary compliance tailored to the needs of our clients. Involvement of senior members of the firm means we can use our experience and skills to identify opportunities to improve tax processes and deliver tax savings.


Services Offered:

  • GST Registrations incl. managing of all compliance

  • Advice and training on the consequences of registration

  • Preparation / Reviewing of Returns

  • Support in designing an effective accounting system 

GST Implementation and Business process Optimisation

Our Team has in the past have helped our clients effectively implement GST in the most effective way. Advising them on ways to optimize utilization of resources and advising them on ways to implement effective business processes. We have helped our clients significantly improve their business practices with respect to GST


Services Offered:

  • Mapping of Current Business Process and optimization

  • Complete GST Health Checkup

  • Designing and implementing internal control and best practices

  • Optimisation of GST Tax Structure 

GST Transactional Advisory

Businesses though have significantly overcome the challenges post implementation of GST, they are still not confident at the time of making large transactions. At times these transactions need in-depth analysis in order to highlight the outcome of various conditions. At Ajay A Goel & Co., we provide our client transaction specific services as per their needs


Services Offered:

  • Transaction GST compliance check

  • Transactions commercial structure check 

  • Defining tax complaint structure

  • Assisting in drafting contract